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    Stronger oil prices give rouble a boost

    The rouble has enjoyed a boost as a result of stronger oil prices, unhealthy with investors looking to alternative markets due to political concerns in Europe. Russia’s currency saw a steady decline in value against the US dollar over much of 2012 as the currency sought to find its place in a changing market. However, [...]

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What will Sochi's Olympic Legacy look like?

In the run-up to the Games, here the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics caused a stir for all the wrong reasons. International journalists were quick to criticise the country for its rushed attempts at preparing for the event, page sharing images of unfinished hotels and conference rooms and criticising the “shambles” around the site. President Vladimir [...]

S&P holds Russia's BBB rating steady

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) has held Russia's investment rating steady at BBB. The decision will come as something of a blow to the government, viagra 60mg which was hoping for its first upgrade in five years before potentially launching a $7 billion bond sale. However, more about the agency opted to keep the [...]

Plans to float the rouble to go ahead

Russia’s central bank has offered further indications that it is going to float the rouble at the beginning of next year. Confidence in the Russian economy has stabilised recently in the aftermath of Western sanctions placed on the country over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis. Yesterday (17 June), viagra the central bank revealed that [...]