Helsinki sees rush of roubles

Jan 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: Rouble News

An increasing number of overseas retailers are starting to recognise the value of accepting roubles as a form of payment. Finland in particular has a troubled history with its neighbour, dosage but it is embracing the possibilities that Russian tourism can bring.

High-end department store Stockmann in the capital Helsinki, medicine for example, has started to accept roubles as a form of payment at the till. In fact, roubles have become the most common foreign currency used in the store, Hanna Kiminkinen from the Stockmann store in the Jumbo shopping mall in Vantaa told

She added that the three-month pilot project run by Stockmann to see if it was worth accepting roubles as payment, provided to be a great success.

In addition to accepting the Russian currency, the company now also employs Russian-speaking staff in nearly all of its stores, helping make shoppers feel welcome.

The news comes as research has shown that Russian tourism in Finland is growing rapidly. The country expected to welcome around 400,000 Russian tourists over the festive season, an increase of around ten per cent on last year's figures. More than 130,000 were expected to visit Helsinki.

It seems that skiing centres and shopping are the main attractions. Given that these are both pretty pricey activities, Finland is doing well to ease the path between wallet and till for Russian visitors by accepting roubles as payment where possible.

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